About Images of Centuries

In my professional life, I am the Director of the American University in Cairo Press based in Egypt, but I have been an archaeologist, anthropologist and historian for a great deal longer—hence this personal blog.

Much that appears here, but not all, is about my two favorite countries, Egypt and Italy, and my travels and observations within them. Some of the pieces have not appeared elsewhere, but some are based on my regular monthly column for the print and online magazine, Egypt Today.

What makes this blog different from my published pieces, however, is that there is a much greater concentration on the images I have made over the years. And, if there is a single theme which binds these images together, it is my attempt to partially recreate an appropriate historic feel to many of them. Very few are true likenesses, but, rather, represent an approximation of older photographic techniques, often with a modern twist.

I hope you enjoy these posts.

Nigel Fletcher-Jones PhD, Cairo, Egypt and Comano (MS), Italy