Chamas Villa, Heliopolis

The modern district of Heliopolis was established in 1905, some 10 kilometers northeast of Cairo, by the Heliopolis Oasis Company led by the Belgian industrialist Baron Empain.
The new suburb developed its own architectural style combining Moorish revival, traditional Arab elements, Persian revival, and European neoclassical.
Heliopolis was intended to be a “city of luxury and leisure”, with broad European streets, and modern conveniences including piped water and drains, electricity, and hotels. There was also a golf course, racetrack and amusement park.
The architects designed and promoted a wide range of housing including detached and terraced villas, apartment blocks, tenements with balcony access and bungalows.
The Albert Chamas Bey villa is a fine example, which remains in excellent condition.
From here, in 1938, the future Queen Farida left for Abdeen Palace in Cairo, and her marriage to King Farouk.

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